Hilos tensores reabsorvibles_

In the past few years we have returned to the idea of subcutaneous threads; initiated over 2 decades ago with gold threads and the non-absorbent Russian spiculated threads. The innovation in new suture material as well as the advanced technology in the fabrication of needles has made the procedure and the results of the new absorbable thread cones an excellent option to improve the facial aesthetics.

What does the treatment with dermal threads consist of?

It is based on the introduction of the threads in the deep dermis to activate the regeneration of a three dimensional collagen mesh. This directly provokes tension and an increase of the density of the skin with immediate rejuvenating effects which are long-lasting (12-18 months).

What effects will I achieve with the threads?

  • The effect of auto lifting by the creation of new collagenand the initial tensing effect of the threads.
  • Preventative effect of the appearance of wrinkles and the first signs of flaccidity in people over 35 years.
  • Treatment for the reparation of gravitational droopingwhich is already evident in patients over 40 years.
  • General improvement of the appearance of the face, elevating effect of the flaccid skin of the cheeks, peribuccal area, neck etc.

What will I NOT achieve with the threads?

When the drooping is more significant, this procedure cannot substitute a lifting or a volumetric or labial filling or any other of these types of treatments.

How many threads will I need?

Each case is specific and unique. A treatment can be prescribed in one bilateral area or two, which can require 8-12 or 24 threads. Basic threads can be combined with spiculated threads, depending on the ageing pattern of the face and with more or less zonal flaccidity. In other cases it is necessary to prescribe more threads.

What is the procedure of the absorbable thread cones?

  1. After the initial evaluation by the medical specialist, a diagnosis is given and the treatment is defined together with the patient.
  2. We prepare the area with markers, antisepsis and topical or local anesthetic, we wait 10 minutes and we insert the threads through special needles which transport them. The treatment is finished within a few minutes.

Hilos tensores_ejemplo_antes y después01

Left side of the photo: before the threads are inserted. Right side of the photo: after the threads are inserted.

What care will I need after the thread procedure?

  • Antiseptic for two days post procedure.
  • Do not massage the treated areas.
  • Avoid sports, saunas and sunbathing for a week.
  • Very little swelling is produced which is resolved in about 2 days. Any small bruises, about a week.
  • Sun protection for 2 weeks.

When can I be seen and what effects will I notice?

After a week you can be seen with makeup. It will not be too noticeable. In two weeks you will feel normal for almost all activities.

The main effect is the general rejuvenation, which is helped by the initial light swelling. After the first month you will start to notice the real effect of the thread cones which lasts between 12 and 18 months.