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"Para nosotros la práctica médica empieza por una relación médico-paciente de toda confianza" Dr. José Manuel Batllés, director de Cirugía Facial Benidorm. Lanzamos nuestra revista médica con descripción...
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Qué es la cirugía maxilofacial

What is maxillofacial surgery?

What is maxillofacial surgery? By Dr. Batllés In Spain Maxillofacial surgery is still a largely unknown specialty to the majority of the general public; partly because there are very few specialists (around 6...
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Sobre estética facial: Peeling con Fenol y Lifting; Rinoplastia y Rinomodelación; Odontología Estética

Nuestros doctores han sido entrevistados en el programa de televisión Especialistas en Salud de Información TV de Alicante como especialistas en estética facial, han hablado sobre las especialidades y los trat...
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Blanqueamiento dental - teeth whitening

Teeth whitening: frequently asked questions

What does teeth whitening involve? External whitening is carried out on any tooth which has not been subjected to endodontic treatment. It involves the placing of whitening on the surface of the tooth. Proce...
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“Todo lo que un paciente debe saber sobre la implantología dental. Procedimientos y precio justo”.

All that a patient should know about dental implants. Procedures and the right price

Analysis, information and opinions regarding dental implants within our area of expertise so that our patients can choose freely. Without obligations. Without hidden extras. What, how and how much in Facial Su...
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The problems with medications used against osteoporosis: bone necrosis caused by BISPHOSPHONATES

In the past few years within our clinical services of  Maxillofacial Surgery and within our private consultations we have seen the appearance of a new previously inexistent pathology: the bone necrosis of the...
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The radio scalpel or radiofrequency scalpel

A small piece of history …. The first visionaries, in the age of the first transistors and radio equipment, observed that when manipulating the connection cables of the antenna, mild accidents occurred. Depen...
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Look after your skin after the summer, go back to being healthy

The holidays are over. With the return to work comes the noise, the contamination and the rushing about which we have to deal with not only with our everyday routine but also with the consequences that an inte...
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