Conscious sedation in odontology and esthetic medicine

In the last ten years there has been a growing demand for and an increasing use of sedation procedures for various out-patient surgical treatments, especially in the fields of Odontology and Esthetic Medicine. This has encouraged different groups of Anesthetists from different regions of Spain to p...
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Blanqueamiento dental - teeth whitening

Teeth whitening: frequently asked questions

What does teeth whitening involve? External whitening is carried out on any tooth which has not been subjected to endodontic treatment. It involves the placing of whitening on the surface of the tooth. Procedure: In the 1st visit a diagnosis will be made of the type of staining required and pat...
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“Todo lo que un paciente debe saber sobre la implantología dental. Procedimientos y precio justo”.

All that a patient should know about dental implants. Procedures and the right price

Analysis, information and opinions regarding dental implants within our area of expertise so that our patients can choose freely. Without obligations. Without hidden extras. What, how and how much in Facial Surgery Benidorm.  ...
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Carillas de platino_simulador_peq

Platinum veneers, art in your mouth

Platinum veneers without sculpture in Cirugí® for completely natural looking teeth. In the last decade, the technological advances together with new ceramic materials and adhesives have created a revolution in the field of implants, prosthesis and dental aesthetics. Today we r...
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Problems with the gums: The importance of controlling gum disease

Periodontal illness is a very common pathology. Also known as gum disease, pyorreah or periodontitis which affects, according to the College Organisation of Dentists, between 85 and 94% of the Spanish population over the age of 35, most of which suffer mild infections orinflammations. The principal s...
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