Rejuvenecimiento con plasma rico en plaquetas - Tratamiento con PRP en Benidorm, Alicante

The PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) are a product obtained by the centrifugation of the blood and which possess a great quantity of platelets. The platelets, in turn, contain multiple growth factors.

The growth factors are protein fragments which increase the cellular activity. The reason we use them is that they stimulate within the cutaneous dermis the fibroblasts which are the cells in charge of the synthesis of collagen and elastin and whose presence and correct function are responsible for a younger looking skin.

In medicine, the PRP are applied in many other fields: in the process of the fixation of dental implants, in trauma surgery, etc… In aesthetic medicine they are usually used in the form of mesotherapy, with multiple infiltrations distributed all over the face.

It has been proven, that within 8 hours after the first bio stimulation with platelet growth factors, there is an increase of the receptors of the membrane in the fibroblasts in a way that a second stimulation will determine a better response of the fibroblasts.

Because of this, in our protocol, the treatment of bio stimulation with PRP is carried out in two sessions on the same day, one session in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

It is not worth stimulating the fibroblasts if they do not dispose of precursors for the synthesis of proteins: collagen and elastin. The precursors of the proteins are amino acids. Because of this, in our protocol, we use two types of precursors (amino acids). 

The first is through dietary supplements (EndoSkin®) which the patient will start to take 2 weeks after the treatment.

The second type is through a direct injection into the dermis (mesotherapy with amino acids). In our protocol, this session of mesotherapy with amino acid precursors (Jalupro®) is carried out a month after the session with PRP.

Therefore, within our centre, the facial bio stimulation with Plasma Rich Platelets consists in the following phases or times:

-Day 1:

In the morning: extraction of approximately 20 ml of blood through a specialized homologated system where the blood never gets exposed. In this same visit, the first session of mesotherapy with all the plasmatic fraction of blood is carried out.

In the afternoon: Second session of mesotherapy (there is no need to take more blood). This time only with the fraction that is rich in platelets.

-Day 20:

This is the moment when the stimulated fibroblast begins to synthesize proteins. The patient starts the oral input of the precursors (amino acids) EndoSkin® 2 daily tablets before breakfast.

-Day 30:

Session of mesotherapy with amino acids (Jalupro®)
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