The phenol peeling is a deep chemical peeling for medical use, which is efficient and safe and consists of the application of a chemical solution with a phenol and croton base onto the skin.

It produces a deep querato-coagulation of the proteins of the skin which give way to a complete cutaneous regeneration, eliminating wrinkles and scars and improving the tone and the general texture of the skin. The level of the phenol action is deeper (dermis reticular) than other peelings such as Medium Depth Peeling (dermis follicular) with TCA.

The rejuvenation with deep phenol peeling is the most effective technique available for cutaneous rejuvenation within advanced ageing, superior to resurfacing with CO2 laser which has acclaimed so much fame over the past years. Only through these types of techniques can truly incredible results be achieved.

The effects of the phenol peeling are spectacular from the first treatment onwards:

–   They produce a tensor effect which will disappear over time.
–   They reduce the number, size and depth of the wrinkles.
They improve the aspect of the skin making it finer and smoother.
–   Better cutaneous luminosity.
–   Clarifying the stains and also the colour of all of the skin of the face making it more homogenous.
–   Reducing the acne lesions, as well as scars and stretch marks.
–   It is especially indicated in the treatment of the famous “bar codes” with excellent long lasting results. This is the only treatment which completely eliminates this type of signs of ageing compared to other treatments which can only diminish or camouflage them.


Next, a video of the operation step by step and results in a real patient. Consultation female patient of 69 years: “Doctor, my skin looks too old.”

Given the great prestige, scientific base and the pharmaceutical laboratory experience of SKIN TECH® specialists in peelings, we have recently introduced, with spectacular results, the new and long awaited MODIFIED PHENOL of this brand:

SKIN TECH® protocol Easy Phen Light®

For deep phenol peelings


Peeling profundo con fenol con Easy Phen Light

Dr. Batllés was directly trained by renowned Belgium dermatologist Philippe Deprez creator of the specialised laboratory SKIN TECH® in the advanced course for Non Surgical facial Rejuvenation with Deep Phenol Peeling. As well as boasting his own medical publications on the matter such as the study of Laser and Phenol in Advanced Cutaneous Rejuvenation. Revision of the Literature

How is it done?

The phenol peeling is an important treatment with post operatory treatments comparable to surgical procedures such as face lifts. The definition and the following of the protocol must be strict.

In cases of complete facial rejuvenation, the intervention takes place in 90 minutes and is carried out under local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation whilst being monitored.

There exists the possibility to only treat certain facial areas such as the lips or periocular area, in this case the post operatory care will be limited, but in full-face treatments (all of the face), the edema is moderate for the first 24-48 hours and the cutaneous re- epithelialization takes place for 7-10 days.

During this time the patient should stay in their home, hospital or hotel depending on their preferences or origin. If you are visiting from abroad our patient care team will organise the accommodation.

In the cases of complete rejuvenation, during the first week, the controls and the post operatory care should be carried out every 2, 4 then 7 days; the medical team usually travels to the location where the patient is staying.

It is absolutely essential within the protocol, the use of specific cosmetic treatments before and after the procedure which are given to the patients 15 days before the treatment.

Our team will supply you with a cosmetic protocol indicating the measures to take within your particular case.