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Can the absence of dental pieces affect facial Cosmetics?

Of course. The absence of teeth entails a degeneration of the Maxilla bone. The Maxilla bone degeneration is responsible for the loss of the support of the lip, cheeks, chin…gravely deteriorating the facial aesthetics. In the Medical Institute of Facial Surgery not only can we treat the dental absenses but also all of the cosmetic complications of the orofacial area which can become affected.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants have created in recent years, an adequate solution for the total or partial loss of teeth in most patients and have converted themselves into the common practice for many professionals related to the orofacial area.
Dental implants are artificial titanium roots which are inserted into the bone of the patient and serve to support the new permanent teeth.
It is one of the most advanced treatments that exists today in Dentistry and boasts many advantages: they do not require carving of the teeth of the patient, maintain aesthetics, function, etc. Another use of the implants is to proportion better stability and comfort compared to removable prosthesis. This is very useful in patients who are totally toothless and whose prosthesis does not withhold well in the mouth.

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In which cases are dental implants indicated?

They are the treatment of choice when there is a dental absence, including patients who are completely toothless.

Is the treatment painful?

They are fitted in a simple surgical procedure and the post-operative process is usually minor or very minor.
In cases of advanced surgery, as with many dental implants, grafts or complex cases, the frequency of the aparition of post-operative complications is higher.

What is the success rate?

The studies on the success of implants confirm a survival rate of above 95%. The failure of implants after fitting is not very frequent. In the majority of cases where a good integration of the implant is not obtained it can be refitted after a period of time. This does not mean that it has been refused, only that there is a missing union between bone and implant.

How long can it take for a patient to have their new teeth?

The waiting time is a minimum of 3 months until the treatment has finished and the patient can enjoy their permanent prosthesis. The time is determined by the protocol that the profesional team estimates will be better for the patient.

Is there an age limit for the fitting of dental implants?

Not at all. It is precisely older people who are more likely to benefit from the fitting of dental implants.

How long do they last?

With the appropriate care, they can last over 20 years. This depends on the maintenance of the patient, type of prosthesis and the control visits and maintenance in the clinic.

Can the patient have teeth immediately?

If the conditions of the case permit, the patient can have the implants fitted together with a permanent prosthesis within a 24 hour period or even immediately after the implant surgery. As this will not always be possible, the patient will always dispose of a provisional prosthesis allowing them to lead a normal life until the permanent prosthesis is finished.

What if the patient does not have enough bone?

We then use techniques of bone regeneration. The Medical Institute of Facial Surgery carry out the most predictable, advanced and innovative surgical techniques to enhance bone volume so that the patient can enjoy the implantology treatment.


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