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Code of Ethics

The information proportioned in this web page of the Medical Institute of Facial Surgery Benidorm have the objective to inform, guide, orientate etc. but NEVER to replace the relationship between the patient and any of the specialist doctors in the team.
This web does not allow explicit publicity or third party fraud. It only shows logos, information and brand names of collaborators or providers.
When there are photos of `before´ and `after´, if they are from a collaborator or provider they will be linked or mentioned as such; if they are from the Medical Institute of Facial Surgery Benidorm they will never show results which have been retouched. These photos have an informative and educational purpose and do not have contractual value, they are not prescriptive, nor do they guarantee any definite results in the case of a single patient. Each case of each patient is different and needs an individual diagnosis.

Consultations via e-mail will be answered by the corresponding physician or competent staff member within 3 to 7 days (we are working daily to reduce the waiting time). The consultations via e-mail or via web application are free of charge and non binding meaning that the patient may upload photographs or images to be studied protected in agreement with that expressed in the Organic Law 15/99 of 13th December 1999 regarding the Personal Character Data Protection.


Medical Fees and Finance

In IMCF, the medical fees are fixed in accordance to the range established by organization and competent institutions: SECOM, SEMCC, SECPRE, COMA and SEI.
The fees corresponding to aesthetic procedures will be increased by the recent application of the 21% value added tax (VAT).
Payment will be made by credit card, bank transfer or in cash according to the stipulated active law.
Depending on the type of intervention, we can finance 50% of the treatment over 1 and 2 year periods without interest.
To assist the patients who request economical information via telephone or e-mail, the medical fees corresponding to the 10-11 most consulted medical procedures and surgeries are:
1. First visit: 70€*
2. Rhinoplasty: 4500€*
3. Upper Blepharoplasty with radiofrequency scalpel 1350€
4. Single dental implant ( JDCare ®-MIS®) + ceramo-metallic crown: 690€ + 460€
5. Botulinum Toxin : 350€ (Vistabel®, 50UI)***
6. Cutaneal Bioestimulation with Plasma (Regenlab®):620€
7. Surgiderm®: 230€/ 1 ml vial ***
8. Radiesse®: 370€/ 1.5ml vial***
9. Mini-lifting: 2600€
10. MAC-lift: 3400€
11. Mono-maxilar Ortognatic Surgery: 5100€* – bi-maxilar: 9500€*

*includes diagnosis, treatment plan and complete price estimate. Does not include x-rays. The amount of the first visit will be discounted from the total estimate if it is accepted by the patient.
**not including anesthetist fee, theatre fee and hospitalization.
***VAT not included