The technique of lipofilling or filling with fat from the patient is especially useful in solving the effects of ageing and others derived from the lack of facial volume.  Lipofilling allows us to increase the volume of certain areas of the face using fat from the patient’s own body extracted by liposuction.

Other similar names for this technique are: lipofilling, lipoplasty and mesoplasty… amongst others.

What does it involve?

Over the last ten years, the tendency in the surgery of facial rejuvenation has evolved from basic skin stretching to the regeneration of the volumes lost through ageing. It is a natural treatment: by means of a small liposuction carried out under local anesthesia we extract fat from the patient themselves and, after a short preparation, we reinject it in the facial areas we have previously marked out.

It can be used as a single rejuvenation treatment by itself or as a complement to lifting or eyelid surgery, for example.

What areas of the face can it improve?

It is especially useful in restoring volume to and rejuvenating the areas around the eyes: the tail of the eyebrows, sunken eyes and bags under the eyes. It is also the preferred treatment for sunken cheeks and remodeling the shape of the jaw.

Other frequent uses are: the restitution of volume to the temples and the reshaping of the cheekbones or chin.

Lipofilling is ideal for improving the philtrum or medial cleft and the labiomental furrow (marionette lines) and the famous “bar code wrinkles” of the lips, although for optimum results the procedure should be reinforced with finer implants (hyaluronic acid or Radiesse).

How is it done?


We consider the suitability of each patient for this surgical technique: age, state of health (preoperative analytical tests), expectations, donor area of the fat, outlining of the specific areas to be treated and possible other associated surgical procedure (blepharoplasty or mini-lifting), etc.

Before undergoing a filling with fat procedure it is essential to carry out a complete preoperative study of the patient consisting of a blood analysis, an electrocardiogram and, in some cases, a chest X-ray.

Day of surgery

We apply the appropriate anesthesia and mark the areas to be treated.

Using fine liposuction cannula we extract the appropriate amount of fatty tissue according to the plan.

In the operating room we process the fatty tissue extracted: washing, centrifuging, etc.

The areas to be filled, which have been anesthetized locally are infiltrated with the treated fat using micro cannulas and special syringes, in previously planned progressive quantities.

There are no visible marks of the entry points of the cannulas, and just 4-6 strategic 1 millimeter stitches on either side.


The postoperative is simple and immediate in the hospital recuperation room or hospital bed.

A system of controlled cold is applied with a mask to reduce the swelling and other appropriate treatments and medical care.

During the first week you will have a special compressive bandage (mentonera), habitual medication and a pattern of local cold treatment which you can do at home.

You may well have relatively normal activity and mobility from the very first day.

How many sessions are needed?

It is usually necessary to carry out a second treatment in order to achieve the planned results in the majority of patients. After 4-6 months this retouching session or second lipofilling treatment can be planned.

Generally, 1 or 2 sessions are needed for esthetic procedures and as many as 4-5 sessions for more complex reconstruction procedures.

How many days will I need to recuperate?

Normally initial recuperation requires from 7 to 10 days. Slight swelling is normal during these early days.

When can I return to leading a normal life?

After 15 days you can go back to living your normal, everyday life.

How long does it last?

The results obtained are definitive. The majority of the fat becomes integrated in the previously defined area but we need to take into account that after each treatment there may also be a degree of reabsorption of part of the implanted fat.

Results before and after lipofilling

Facial Lipofilling (filling of wrinkles). Results of 1 session after 6 months.

Lipofilling in Benidorm, Alicante