As we get older, as with the rest of our facial features, the lips also age: bar codes appear; the upper lip gets longer and droops, diminishing the exposure of the vermilion border (the red lip, which is hidden) and at the same time diminishing the exposure of the teeth. The lip lift or cheiloplasty is a minor surgery with local anaesthesia which allows our lips to return to having a more youthful appearance.


Whilst in younger patients the normal dental exposure of the upper incisors is 3-4 mm when relaxed, and reaching an exposure of between 3-4 mm of gum when smiling, with age this can diminish, reducing the vermilion border and the exposure of the upper incisors and enhancing the exposure of the lower incisors making them more visible than the upper ones.



This situation can be corrected through one or various simple surgical techniques which are carried out with local anaesthesia.


Lip Lifting or cheiloplasty

A technique comparable to the blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), where an excision is made of the excess skin of the upper lip through incisions which are hidden in the folds and base of the nose. The scars are practically invisible.

We achieve the shortening of the lip by increasing the exposure of the vermilion border and the incisors but this DOES NOT achieve a cutaneous rejuvenation of the skin meaning that with patients who have marked “bar codes”, the technique must be combined with cutaneous rejuvenation of the skin of the lips with laser or a phenol peeling .

In IMCF we prefer a phenol peeling as we have observed better results than with ablative laser in just one session. Through the combination of these 2 techniques, surgery and phenol, the rejuvenation of the lips is complete with very satisfying results.


Lifting de labio antes y después


Lifting de labio resultado a los 15 días

15 days result

Lifting de labio resultado a los 3 meses

Result at 3 months

As you can see the scar is totally invisible. The result, natural and discreet, can, in no way, be achieved only with fillings.

a. When is a lip lift indicated?

The lip surgery is indicated when the signs of ageing of the lips which we have explained above are evident and the results of fillings with a hyaluronic acid base are not sufficient or a more permanent result is desired.

The upper lip surgery intends to recuperate aesthetic proportions which are lost with age but can also occur in younger patients, for this reason when the shape or size of the upper lip is deficient, this surgical technique can be applied to any healthy adult patient who is a candidate for it. Dr. Batllés will advise you in the consultation

b. How is the surgery performed?

The lip lift surgery is performed under local anaesthetic in a homologated operating theatre for out patient minor surgery procedures within the outpatient clinic of our Institute, this way there are no added costs of the hospital.

If the patient prefers or requires, it can be carried out with oral or intravenous sedation or with general anaesthetic in the operating theatres of the Hospital Clínica Benidorm when combined with other surgical cosmetic techniques such as a face lift.

c. Minimal invasive surgical techniques for a lifting of the lips

The specific therapeutic plan for each patient is carried out after the facial anatomical medical examination and the analysis of the aesthetic requirements of each patient. The sought after results can be reached by carrying out an isolated surgical technique or a combination of various:

1. Subnasal lip lift (bullhorn lift):

>>>   This is the lip lift technique most used and widespread. In IMCF we prefer the endonasal technical variation where the incisions are hidden inside the nose, making them less visible than with a subnasal technique.

    1. >>>   Procedure: the quantity of lip which we want to shorten is measured and the incision is designed. We continue with an infiltration of local anaesthetic. In our centre, as with the blepharoplasty and other procedures, we carry out the cut of the skin with a special radiofrequency scalpel which allows a precise cut without bleeding.  The suture is performed very carefully in 2 levels with PDS 4/0 and Prolene 5/0. The technique takes about 45 minutes with immediate favorable visible results.
      >>>   This technique is indicated
      in patients with extended lips which result in little exposure of the upper teeth and the vermilion border.

2. Surgery of the border of the lip (cutaneous- vermilion border):

>>>   This consists in enhancing the exposure of the vermilion border through the excision of the skin above it. This is a technique which leaves more visible scars.  The results are less natural and aesthetic and this is why in our Institute it is a technique which is not routinely carried out on healthy patients but often indicated in oncology patients or patients with hare lips.

3. Lifting of the corner or angle of the lip:

>>>   This consists in eliminating a small triangular amount of the skin near the corners of the mouth with the objective to attend to the requirements of the patients who either because of ageing or congenital disorders present with fallen corners of the lips giving them a sad o angry appearance.
>>>   Recently we have incorporated a new technique which consists in cross suturing the fibers of the orbicular muscles of the lips through a small incision in the corner without the need to remove skin this way minimizing the risks and the scars.

4. Liberation of the DAO (depressor anguli oris) depressor muscle of the angle of the lip.

>>>   There are patients who from birth present an abnormal insertion of this muscle which pulls down the corner of the lip giving an aspect of sadness or anger. Through a small incision inside the mouth (without a scar) we can liberate the insertion and improve the aesthetic aspect of these patients..

d. Post operatory care and recuperation after a lip lift.

The post operatory care is very moderate. A discreet edema could appear which will heal in 3-4 days.  The application of cold presses minimizes the healing process. In our centre we have specific types of cold therapy available which are immediately applied after the surgery. Depending on the technique used and the susceptibility of the patient, the edema of the lips can take longer to completely resolve itself.

Through the use of the radiofrequency scalpel, the appearance of bruises is practically none. The patient should be careful with lip movements when eating and talking during the first few days. The stitches will be removed within 7 to 10 days. The patient can recuperate normal activity within this time. The erythematic-reddening of the suture area is normal and can last for various weeks until the healed scar becomes practically imperceptible. During the resolution time we recommend that a cover of make up is used.

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Cirugía de labios, queiloplastia correctora - Lip surgery, corrective cheiloplasty


Cirugía de labios, queiloplastia correctora - Lip surgery, corrective cheiloplasty


labio leporino - harelip


labio leporino - harelip

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