Lobuloplastia - Lobuloplasty or earlobe surgery

The lobuloplasty is a surgery for the reparation of the ear lobes.

The ear lobes can break, tear, come away or become finer through wearing heavy earrings, expanders or piercings and even through an accident.


The type of rupture of the ear lobe is what will determine the technique which is used for the reparation.

A torn or ripped ear can be repaired in two different ways:

  • With a simple closure:We insert into the walls of the hole and the skin is sutured, closing the front and back part of the ear lobe.
  • Through a reconstruction with flaps:Two triangular flaps of skin are created which are designed at either side of the hole or tear. These flaps turn and interchange their positions. This allows the healthy tissue to go from the periphery of the ear lobe to the area which is torn or perforated.

The operation is carried out under local anaesthetic and takes less than an hour. Neither hospitalization nor special care is needed.

The patient can return home once the procedure is finished, with dressings to protect the wounds and with a simple guideline of analgesia which will guarantee a complete recovery.

The sutures will be removed in 10-14 days. The scar will improve over time and become almost unnoticeable.

Immediately after the surgery and the recuperation period, the decision can be made whether to return to wearing earrings. The sole and most important condition regarding this is that the new orifice does not coincide with a previous scar, this way avoiding the repeat tearing of the earlobes.