Look after your skin after the summer, go back to being healthy

The holidays are over. With the return to work comes the noise, the contamination and the rushing about which we have to deal with not only with our everyday routine but also with the consequences that an intense summer has on our skin.  Long hours in the sun, frequent swimming in chlorine water and certain neglect when applying systematic beauty treatments means that when we return to our routine we find ourselves with skin which is lacking hydration and luminance and hair which is extremely dry and damaged.

When returning to ‘’normality’’, looking after our skin with specific treatments is the best remedy.  It’s all about looking after ourselves a bit more and being more constant with beauty treatments. The following days after the initial contact are the best time to allow these treatments to become part of our routine. Here are some suggestions:

Avoid skin loss thanks to a good exfoliation.

The excess of sun during the holidays, the drier atmosphere we find when we return to the city, the lime scale content in the water, air conditioning of many companies and the lack of a correct daily hydration during the holidays are the culprits of flaking.

The first step we should take is to undergo a good facial and body exfoliation, this way together with the corresponding hydration, we achieve a long lasting golden tan and the skin is revitalized and renewed, eliminating the superficial layer of dead cells and impurities easing the penetration of active principals applied afterwards. This exfoliation can be physical with cosmetic products which contain certain particles (polythene, apricot stones or ground grape seeds) which mechanically eliminate the dead cells or a chemical exfoliation which include formulations which contain alpha hydroxy acid of fruit or glycolic acid in small amounts which produce a smooth peeling of the skin. Whichever the method used, a sun protector should be used for 2-3 days after the exfoliation as our skin is now formed by a layer of totally new cells which are very vulnerable to external factors.

Fight against cutaneous stains.

The hyper pigmentations or cutaneous stains can appear not only on mature skin, but also in woman over 20, especially after long exposures in the sun. The melanin formation is formed continuously and homogeneously, however in some situations or because of the effect of certain factors (antibiotic treatments, oral contraception, hormonal disorders, sunburn etc) can produce defects which provoke a disorganized hyper pigmentation in the shape of a cutaneous stain.

In an attempt to eliminate the stains produced by the sun or at least conceal them, the first thing we should do is go back to skin care with a good exfoliation, either physical or chemical, and then follow it by using specific formulations for these types of problems which contain active agents such as alpha-hydroxy acids, kojic acid, licorice extract, vitamin C, grape extract etc.

Keep the wrinkles at bay.

Tired skin, oxidised by the excess of sun and the need for cellular regeneration is a result of spending the holidays without the adequate everyday skin care together with constant external attack. Skin of this type can lose the capacity to renew its cells as well as the capacity to synthesise the necessary proteins for a correct metabolism and optimal quarantine.  This is a good moment to start to use a new product with the latest anti-wrinkle technology (Botox effect, microcapsule hyaluronic acid, peptides etc.) which you can find in your local pharmacy and which in no time will make small wrinkles and expression lines disappear almost completely.

Rehydrate the contours of the eyes.

The treatments available for this area proportion an intense hydration which stimulates the production of water inside the cells, avoiding the fine expression lines and crows feet. If a product which is specifically for this area is used everyday (in the morning and in the evening before applying the formula destined for the rest of the face) you can achieve a reinforcement of the cutaneous barrier this way stopping the loss of water from inside our body.

Repair the skin of the lips.

The labial mucous is exceptionally thin and sensitive. The ultraviolet rays and the humid atmosphere, together with the chlorine, the salt or the wind manage to dehydrate them excessively, producing grooves, discomfort and even small wrinkles around the mouth. In order to repair these damages there are specific treatments currently available which restore the finer skin this way recuperating its splendor and youth.

Hydrate the body.

A hydrating and regenerating cream is fundamental to proportion elasticity and a velvety aspect to dry and dehydrated skin from excessive tanning. Recuperating the smoothness and softness of the skin is the prime function of these types of body care products, although they should be used all year round and every day as a general rule.

Control hair loss.

The factors relating to the holidays (sun exposure, the wind, and sea water, the chlorine of swimming pools or intense and frequent brushing of the hair) together with the season change into autumn provoke hair loss, split ends and a dry and fragile appearance. For this reason in the pharmacy we have specific and very effective treatments in vials, in revitalising shampoos as well as nutricosmetic complementary treatments based in capsules with adequate nutritional supplements.

If you need any information regarding the products or treatments which help you to go back to looking after the skin on your body, face or of your hair, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to info@cirugiafacialbenidorm.com with your query. We will contact you to clarify your doubts or recommend the treatment you need.

Blanca Llácer

Licensed in Pharmacy

Masters Degree in Cosmetology and Derma pharmacy