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Platinum veneers, art in your mouth

Platinum veneers without sculpture in Cirugí® for completely natural looking teeth.

In the last decade, the technological advances together with new ceramic materials and adhesives have created a revolution in the field of implants, prosthesis and dental aesthetics.

Today we rely on computer programs and CAD-CAM systems using a 3D scanner for consulting, copying and digitally reproducing the shape of the dental preparation, thus allowing the fabrication of the prosthesis through virtual design and using a milling block made of latest generation materials and milling machines which, in very little time “sculpt” the teeth to the predetermined design in the chosen material.

Our laboratory technician Alex Caballero and his team are pioneers in this area in the use of the latest technology systems which we have been applying in our work for the past 10 years.

So much so that in our effort to offer our patients the latest in dental aesthetics, we have very recently obtained one of the most modern milling machines that currently existscapable of milling or sculpting teeth using the most evolved and modern materials that exist: lithium disilicate (Empres®)  and hybrid ceramic Enamic®. The N4 of the Germen make VHF is the most evolved compact milling machine; released to the market at the latest world ExpoDental, celebrated in Cologne (Germany) in March of this year 2015, the world meeting which we had the pleasure to attend to discover, firsthand, the latest advances in the field.

However, regardless of the sophistication of the new aesthetic materials for crowns and veneers, the shapes obtained by the CAD-CAM are mastered by a “last touch” of aesthetic ceramics fitted by the laboratory technician manually and artistically. It is this final layer which characterises the tooth (making it unique) which is necessary for the fabrication of ultra aesthetic natural looking teeth.

The technology is fantastic however in the end, the art of the technical ceramist is and will continue to determine the fabrication of the prosthesis, crowns and ultra aesthetic veneers, an absolutely indispensable member of the working team of Cirugí®.

Definitively, it is the technical and artistic work of the ceramist, at the hand of the doctor and aesthetic orthodontist, that marks the difference between one clinic and another when we speak of dental aesthetics.

In this context, our famous and renowned platinum veneers  ByAlexCaballero® prevail.

Platinum veneers ByAlexCaballero® are ultra-aesthetic veneers which as of today, cannot be produced by any machine. Veneers which are handmade and exclusive for CirugíaFacialBenidorm® by Alejandro Caballero, superior technician in dental prosthesis and ceramic specialist in ultra thin veneers produced in Germany.

As they are ultra thin (between 0, 3 and 0, 5 mm thickness) they are the only veneers that can be fitted directly onto teeth without any sculpture, meaning that they are fitted onto the original teeth without any preparation which can often create an irreversible aggression.

Our clients do not suffer any alteration, they do not pay any “toll” and this is what marks the difference and makes them so sought after. However, they cannot be fitted in every case and as they can only be carried out completely manually and artistically, they present an economical conditioning which must be considered.


Do you want to see what platinum veneers can achieve? Do you want to know the total process step by step? Visit the webpage of the complete treatment here: platinum veneers

Platinum veneers for natural teeth. Before and after.