dental platinum veneers without sculpture in Benidorm, Alicante

Platinum veneers without sculpture in the Cirugí® for completely natural looking teeth.

What are platinum veneers?

carillas de platino tras la segunda cocción
carillas de platino terminadas

The platinum veneers ByAlexCaballero® are ultra-aesthetic veneers which to date have never been produced by any machine. They are made by hand and exclusively for® by Alejandro Caballero, superior technician in dental prosthesis and ceramic specialist in ultra thin veneers produced in Germany.

As they are ultra thin (between 0,3 and 0,5 mm of thickness) they are the only veneers that can be fitted directly onto the teeth without any sculpting at all, meaning that they are fitted onto the original teeth without any preparation which may create an irreversible aggression.

Our clients do not suffer any alteration, they do not pay any “toll” and this is what marks the difference and makes them so sought after. However, they cannot be fitted in every case and as they can only be carried out completely manually and artistically, they present an economical conditioning which must be taken into account.

How are platinum veneers made?

The fabrication is completely by hand and is carried out by brushing multiple layers of special aesthetic ceramic onto a platinum frame. This is the factor which gives it its generic name.

The platinum is a noble metal which is very malleable and resists high temperatures without deformation or oxidation.


The process commences in the clinic taking a high resolution silicone impression of the mouth of the patient.

Then in the laboratory, the impression is emptied into a special mould to prepare the working model.

carillas_Modelo de estudio una vez vaciada la impresión de silicona en escayola
carillas, modelo de trabajo con los dientes individualizados


Once the working model has been prepared, the teeth are individualised and upon each individual tooth a layer of 0, 02 mm of platinum is placed which adapts perfectly to the anatomy and margins of each piece.

This platinum sheet works as a frame to the ceramic which is then applied depending on the technique of the stratification in layers.

Ajuste de lámina de platino de 0,02 mm de espesor en cada diente.
carillas_Nuestro ceramista en carillas, Alex Caballero pincelando las diferentes masas y colores de cerámica que darán a las carillas de platino su naturalidad inigualable.


With the skill of a surgeon, the platinum is delicately removed from the cast in order to place it together with the ceramic, in the baking oven:

  • In the oven, the ceramic bakes onto the platinum at a temperature of about 900o
  • 6-8 layers of ceramic are applied (combining multiple bases with specific characteristics of colour, translucency and opalescence) within 3 different baking processes.

Finishing the final process of glazing and shine, the internal layer of platinum is removed to obtain the final product which is a ceramic veneer between 0, 2 and 0, 5 mm thickness, unique and unrepeatable, with multiple shades of translucency and opalescence in the chosen colour.

The total fabrication process can be completed within a minimum of 12 hours.

carillas, cofias de platino con primera capa de cerámica previa 1ª cocción. El platino se ha sacado de su muñón.
Aspecto de las carillas de platino tras la segunda cocción
carillas terminadas tras 3 cocciones diferentes y retirada de la cofia de platino.

Finished veneers on the working model once the platinum nucleus has been removed.

Carillas terminadas sobre el modelo de trabajo previo a retirada del núcleo de platino.

Finished veneers on the working model once the platinum nucleus has been removed

Carillas terminadas sobre el modelo de trabajo una vez retirado el núcleo de platino
Carillas terminadas. Vista oclusal
Carillas terminadas. Detalle del ajuste y espesor

How are the veneers fitted?

Day of the cement. Relative isolation with rubber dock (blue)

Día del cementado. aislamiento relativo con dique de goma (azul)

Previously engraved with orthophosphoric acid and the placing of the adhesive, the veneers are cemented with the chosen colour of cement

colocación del hilo de retracción en el margen gingival y gravado de la superficie del diente con acido ortofosfótico (gravado reversible).

Choosing of the cement. Process of the cementing

Elección del cemento. Proceso de cementado

Process of the cementing

Elección del cemento. Proceso de cementado2

Following day. Manual shaping of the veneers to reproduce the shape of the natural teeth to the preference of the patient.

Día siguiente. Tallado manual de las carillas para reproducir la forma de los dientes naturales y las preferencias del paciente.

The fitting is meticulous and delicate. It does not require anaesthesia.

  • A wire is fitted which lightly retracts the margin of the gum so that the veneers can adapt perfectly and are close to a hidden union.
  • The surface of the teeth should be clean, dry and etched. The etching of the enamel is done with orthophosphoric acid which is applied on the tooth for thirty seconds. The etching produces reversible micro pores in the enamel making the adhesion possible.
  • The adhesion is carried out by using latest generation adhesives and aesthetic cements (Variolinkestetic). There are different tones of colour of cement available, and the most adequate is chosen for each case.
  • The internal surface of each veneer should also be carefully conditioned for an effective and safe adhesion. This is also carried out through chemical etching, in this case with hydrofluoric acid.

The complete process of the cement and the finishing touches take about 35 minutes per veneer.

Recently fitted veneers (before manual shaping/personalisation)

Carillas recién colocadas

Veneers after hand shaping and personalising to the taste of the client.

carillas después de ser talladas según la forma natural previa y preferencias del paciente.

Finished result of the platinum veneers after the cement and finishing

Carillas acabadas después de tallarlas manualmente, caso 1

Details of the nature of the veneers.

dental platinum veneers without sculpture in Benidorm, Alicante


Antes, carillas de platino en Alicante


después carillas de platino en Alicante

Can I have platinum veneers? When are platinum veneers indicated?

Unfortunately, the platinum veneers cannot be fitted on all patients or on all teeth. They are specially indicated for patients:

  • With well positioned teeth, not crowded, but which present alterations in colour and do not respond to laser whitening (tetracycline stains, enamel defects, etc…)
  • With shape defects on their teeth (small teeth, worn down teeth, crooked teeth…).
  • In patients with slight crowding, the platinum veneers (without sculpture) can be fitted and correct the crowding totally or partially.
  • In patients with more severe crowding, the correction of the crowding obliges a total or partial sculpture of the tooth and the production of the CAD-CAM milled veneers or crowns.

How much do the platinum veneers cost in Cirugía Facial Benidorm?

The price of the veneer depends on the urgency of each patient.

  • The average price is 690 € per veneer when the fitting time is a week after the patient has visited the consultation and taken the silicone impression. For the first visit, our current waiting list is approximately 2, 5 months.
  • Tariffs depending on the time scale:
    • Normal protocol: 690 €/ unit
    • Reduced protocol: 1000 € /unit (fitting in 1 week and 2 weeks waiting list for first visit).
    • Urgent protocol: 1800€ / unit: fitting in 48 hours with no waiting list.

When looked after, the platinum veneers can last your whole life and stand out like the first day.

We are so sure of what we do that we guarantee our treatments for two years. If in this period the patient breaks a veneer, we promise to replace it without cost within 72 hours.

Our mission is to offer you the best medical quality of our treatments and make them accessible to you. Remember that we can help you with our finance services.

Real cases, before and after the platinum veneers.

carillas en Benidorm, Alicante, caso real 1 antes
carillas caso 1 después_2

Videos of platinum veneers. The whole step by step process and results.