Blanqueamiento dental - teeth whitening

Teeth whitening: frequently asked questions

What does teeth whitening involve? External whitening is carried out on any tooth which has not been subjected to endodontic treatment. It involves the placing of whitening on the surface of the tooth. Procedure: In the 1st visit a diagnosis will be made of the type of staining required and pat...
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Dientes perfectos en Benidorm, Alicante

The digital design of a perfect smile

What is the digital design of a smile? The digital design of a smile, also known as DSD (Digital Smile Design), is a system introduced by Dr. Christian Coachman, which is based on the recollection of photographs of the patient from different angles and positions. Afterwards, our specialists meet once...
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Carillas de platino_simulador_peq

Platinum veneers, art in your mouth

Platinum veneers without sculpture in Cirugí® for completely natural looking teeth. In the last decade, the technological advances together with new ceramic materials and adhesives have created a revolution in the field of implants, prosthesis and dental aesthetics. Today we r...
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Are first visit and price estimate free?

One of the most frequent questions we are asked in our medical centre is if the first visit and price estimate are free `What do you mean...The first visit isn’t free? ´ Due to the proliferation of franchised clinics (above all dental clinics) where they advertise “first visit free” this has extend...
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