Colloquial dinner with Dr. Batllés and the Dones d’Ara Association

Next Tuesday 28th of May 2013 Dr. José Manuel Batllés has been invited to participate in the colloquial dinner organized by the Dones d’Ara Association of Benidorm in the Taita Restaurant.

This association of women meets on the last Tuesday of each month with a guest speaker who shares, debates and talks about subjects which are worrying or interesting to them and this time we have the privilege that a member of the Facial Surgery Institute of Benidorm has been chosen by them.

The subject given by Dr. Batllés will be:

“Facial aesthetic and anti-ageing Surgery: What actually works?

28th of May

Place: Restaurante Taita in Benidorm

Subject: “Facial aesthetic and anti-ageing Surgery: What actually works?

We are convinced that there is nothing better than a doctor/patient relationship which is direct, open and fluent. We have very few opportunities like this to be able to share, in a relaxed atmosphere, our concerns and experiences with the patients. Doubts, suggestions, opinions……in both directions: patient-doctor and doctor-patient.

We are very grateful to the Dones d’Ara Association for the deference they have had with us and especially with Dr. Batllés. We will keep you all informed of the experience of this discussion and of the opportunity for combined knowledge.

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