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Facial Mesotherapy, FAQs.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a technique of introducing drugs into the skin mesoderm that is, in the skin dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

In aesthetic medicine two main indications are the treatment of cellulite body level and at the level of skin rejuvenation face, neck and chest.

What medications used in mesotherapy?

Since our field is face and neck, IMCF use techniques only mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation.

The drugs used are diverse and can be grouped into:


PRP (plasma rich in growth factors) we extract from the patient himself: promotes the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for stimulating fibroblast synthesis.


Uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid: moisturizes the skin by their ability to absorb water.

Vitamins (A, E, I, C, B1,2,3,5,6,8,9 and 12), trace elements (minerals and amino acids) and coenzymes. They are best known drugs in facial mesotherapy: “mesotherapy vitamins”

DNA: nucleic acid fragments that stimulate collagen synthesis.

DMAE (Dimentilaminoetilenglicol): Cholinergic Agonist particularly suitable for the emerging sagging since it increases muscle tone of skin myofibrils.

Organic silicon: antioxidant, lipolytic and repairer of the fibrillar matrix (collagen and elastin).

How do we do?

The patient comes to the office 40 minutes before the completion of the procedure by the doctor to the application of a topical anesthetic cream.
The performance of the technique of mesotherapy for face and neck may take around 20-30 minutes and do it with the art of the papule. If the topical anesthetic is applied long enough, the technique of mesotherapy painless.

How many sessions right for me? and How long will the effects of treatment?

Our protocol mesotherapy has 3 phases: initiation, continuation and maintenance.

The initiation phase consists of 3 consecutive sessions, 1 per week.

The continuation phase: 2 sessions followed every 2 weeks. In these 5 sessions combine drugs each patient needs ensuring an objective outcome according to established expectations.

Maintaining decides each patient being recommended isolated sessions every 4-8 weeks.

Mesotherapy hydrates and produces changes in texture and skin color. Reaffirms improves fine lines and sagging emerging. Improvement but particularly slow the effects of aging so are treatments whose use is advised in early times. Its effects can last for months or years if properly maintained continues to the needs of each patient.

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