Maxilofacial of Sant Joan organizes the first practical course for theatre nurses.

The Maxilofacial service of the Hospital of Sant Joan, which our director Dr. José Manuel Batllés forms a part of, organized the first practical course in the Valencian Community for surgery theatre nurses.

40 participants from different hospitals in Spain acquired knowledge of the diverse pathologies of Maxilofacial surgery and surgical procedures. This training related to instrumentation, accelerates the operating times, facilitates the work of the surgeons and allows the patient to spend less time in the operating theatre.

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Dr. Batllés (together with Dra. Cristina Sebastián) made an introduction into the anatomy and relative pathologies of Maxilofacial Surgery. They explained the different procedures which are carried out:

  1. Facial trauma ( related to mandibular or orbital fractures)
  2. Oncology and reconstructive surgery
  3. Pathology of the temperomandibular joint( ATM)
  4. Ortognatic surgery for dental-facial deformities, amongst other pathologies.

The titles of the three topics given by Dr. Battlés were:

 >Surgical treatment of dental-facial deformities

>Surgical treatment of the sleep deprivation apnea syndrome.

>Bone distraction in maxillofacial surgery

For the nursing staff it allows them to achieve the necessary experience to assist a maxillofacial surgeon in the surgical interventions. `Correct training in the instrument area accelerates greatly the surgical times and has important benefits as it facilitates the work of the surgeon and also allows the patients to spend less time in the operating theatre, favoring their rapid recovery. Therefore, the teaching of the instruments to the nursing staff will create a better efficiency for them and efficiency in the operating theatre.´ emphasized the organizers.